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Cyber-Wing is an action-strategy game influenced by the Sega Genesis game Herzog Zwei*, but in 3D from a first and third person perspective. If you are familiar with the game, it brings the game you remember into 3D and onto the internet with online multi-player battles you've been dreaming of for years.

If you are not familiar with the game, it is a real-time strategy/action hybrid, where you build units like an RTS but must fly around and fight like in an action game. You capture bases and build and give orders such as attack and retreat to troops and ultimately destroy the enemy HQ to win the game.

There is a single-player mission game as well, based on completing pre-made missions. The mission mode of the game will have both an introductory tutorial set of missions and also a set of difficult missions to challenge experienced players between multi-player games.

*Cyber-Wing is not a sequel to Herzog Zwei nor is affiliated with TechnoSoft or Sega.
It is no more similar to that game as Call of Duty is to Counterstrike.

Key Features

  • 3D game-play, first person robot mode and 3rd person air mode. Get into the action like you never have before.
  • Control a transforming fighter jet! Engage enemies with anti armor cannon or anti-personnel mini-gun. Airlift units into position and launch attacks.
  • Online game-play, play versus opponents over the internet. Finally settle who is the best.
  • 8 unit types allowing for a variety of strategies to be used.
  • Battles rage across a wide variety of terrains: arid deserts, icy tundra, industrial areas, islands, and sweltering jungles.
  • Full stereo and 3D sound and pixel shader graphics.
  • Single-player mission based campaign with 8 missions.
  • AI opponent for skirmish play.

Other Features

  • New units: Say hello to the mech, the commando, and the support tank.
  • Broadcast: Issue orders to all of your troops at once, no picking up and dropping off to launch big attacks!!!
  • Unified interface: Don't leave the action to order troops, just do it by hitting the number keys on the keyboard.








Cyber-Wing is successful at what it attempts to do: bring Herzog Zwei into whatever century this is with 3-D graphics and online multiplayer.

Out of Eight PC Game Reviews: 7/8

If you’ve played Herzog Zwei in the past and want to see what is born from inspiration, or just need a fix on a different breed of real-time strategy games, Cyber-Wing may be worth a look.

Classic Game Room: Favorable

For those who like a challenge, Cyber Wing is the perfect game, because even in easy mode its very difficult to beat the AI. The game promises many hours of fun, because there is no limitation on how long you can play the trial. (Brazil): Favorable

There’s a lot to like about this game... The pounding of the Mech and the hail of bullets unleashed by twin mounted mini-gun turrets is a base guttural pleasure.

Sugar Free Gamer: Favorable




Q: How do I run a dedicated server?
A: [$C-WInstall Directory]\Cyber-Wing\CW.exe -dedicated -mission scriptsAndAssets/data/missions/cw_kurtz.mis

run that :)

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Windows PC

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