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You awaken alone in a dungeon: you don't know how you got there, and you don't know how to get out. As you explore DEATH TOWER, you gain new party members, but they don't know anything either... or do they?

A surreal and paranoid story guides you through one of the deepest and most difficult dungeon RPG ever made for Android.

18 playable characters, 9 classes, over 50 abilities, 45 artifacts, 128 unique monsters (not just color-shifted art), and 130 levels means this game will keep you busy for some time.

It begins easy, but soon you'll need all of your resources and wits to survive each Chamber of DEATH TOWER. Discover new artifacts and new characters to add to your party. You can only bring 4 characters into each level, so choose carefully: who needs experience, but who is necessary to get the job done?

There is no permadeath, but if a character dies, you can't use that character until you beat a level. Run out of playable characters, and you'll be sent back to a prior checkpoint with all of your experience and artifacts intact.

Can you make it to the end and discover the secret of DEATH TOWER? Or will you and your friends be trapped forever?


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
Requires iOS 5.1 or Android 2.2 and up.






Cool turn-based rpg
Great turn based rpg w/ pretty tough boss battles. Tons of abilities to try out, great music.

Spraynard 1.0 @ iTunes 5/5

Absolutely stellar!
Nothing beats an old school dungeon crawler! Keep it up! Thank you for a great game!

Brandon Keller @ Google Play Store 5/5

Great little SRPG
For anyone who knows what SRPG means :)

Dror Hamermesh @ Google Play Store 5/5



V 1.1

  • New engine using OpenGL ES 2.0, may nerf up some compat, and also may improve performance on some machines. GPS will not allow you to install a version your device doesn't support.
  • New Movement Rules: Each hero may only make a single move per turn (including attack or ability-generated movement), still unlimited distance though. An undo button appears after moving in case you are displeased with the results of your move.
  • New Melee Rules: Melee attack targets must be up, down, left, or right only, no more diagonal melee.
  • Obstacle Blocks: Rooms may now contain obstacle blocks, which can be jumped over during movement, but not moved onto.
  • Artifact Levelling: You can now level up old artifacts to use them again! The cost is, you must destroy a higher-level artifact to level up the old one. The old artifact will gain the destroyed artifact's level. This will increase its stat bonuses and the casting level & cost of its ability.
  • Text Box no longer fades out during combat.
  • All artifact ability levels begin at 2 and go to 6, rather than beginning at 1 and going to 5.
  • New Dungeon Generation: Dungeons (called Chambers in the story) are now generated differently and are no longer always rectangular. Rooms are still rectangular though. In general, this makes dungeon layouts less predictable and more spread out.
  • Power Dot: A Dot is now shown next to an enemy, showing its power relative to other enemies in that Dungeon. Ranges from Green, Orange, Red, Black, lowest to highest. Does not take into account if it is a boss or not (Bosses just have more HP, nothing else).
  • AP cost scale capped at 1.5 AP per level (down from 2). This means abilities that used to cost 14 AP at Level 6 now cost 10.
  • Most abilities that used to have level-related TTLs (duration) have now had their TTLs set to 3 (5 if critical), and are no longer level-related. Root, Thunderbolt, Taunt, Bearform etc.
  • Bugs and crashes related to enemies casting Bearform fixed.
  • Bugs and crashes related to casting Decoy in tandem with Healing Aura fixed.
  • An animation has been added to a hero who is currently targeting an ability.
  • There should no longer be any scenario in which actors end up stacked on top of each other.

V 1.02

  • All intermittent combat crashes (aka forgetting the next person's turn) should now be fixed.
  • Additional minor bugfixes.
  • Enemies who are already stealthed will not stealth again.
  • Poison broken up into 3 turns of damage, and a 10% total damage boost to compensate for the wait.
  • Longer fade time on in-game text box.
  • Heroes can now carry up to two artifacts, but they can still only bring one into the level.
  • A "Saving" alert pops up when the game auto saves, so you know when you can leave the app and expect your progress to be saved.
  • Charmed heroes and enemies will now use abilities in addition to auto attacking.
  • Review reminder.

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